Review of Aliento: No dudes de lo que solo ves tú

Aliento: no dudes de lo que solo vez tú

Aliento: no dudes de lo que solo vez túAliento: No dudes de lo que solo ves tú (Breath: Don’t Doubt What You See)

Well I got this book I don’t know why but when I look at it was like, well let’s see what is this about. After I got it, at internet I found a lot of bad reviews, but come on, yes this is like a tesis about vampires, but there is some good points about them.

Maybe I’m not an expert but what I had read about it, some stuff match with the book. What I don’t understand it’s why there is no english versión of this book, I just found books on spanish and on her biography says she was born at Brooklyn and she graduated from school of arts and science at New York University, but there’s no english books from her, everything is on spanish. I don’t get it, that make me think is she some writer who changed his name to publish a book and tried to look like foreigner. Or maybe she’s a vampire because she’s hiding her real name lol. Anyway, by the moment I like this book and it give a different point of view about vampires. Something that is more easy to understand and believe, and make you think maybe the guy or girl sitting at your side on the bus or bench at the park could be one of them. 

I just feel there is a missing part, at some place I had read Judas Iscariot was the first vampire, because after he betrayed christ, he hanged himself and he didn’t die. And this can be found within the book of Matthew.

After judas had hanged himself. God punished him to walk on earth until the final days, he would fear the sun and be cursed to roam the land in darkness. He would never die and would be only fed by the blood of living humans.

For me it’s another good theory about it, but it’s not inside this book.

I recommend this book if you just want to know another idea about vampires, and not to try to find a logic reason, and if they exist or not,