My mindfuck movies list

29 May, 2016 tuxero 0

Well this days i’ve been spending weekends when i’m not working at home watching some good movies, I changed the genre from horror and thrillers […]

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Second day

13 October, 2015 tuxero 0

As I promise I’m writing while I’m with the challenge of loosing weight and get a nice shape again. Still 110 kilograms but it’s ok […]

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New challenge

12 October, 2015 tuxero 0

It’s my first day with a new challenge. loose a couple of kilos and a couple of cloth sizes. It’s hard to do it when […]

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Dj Tape (1991)

7 October, 2015 tuxero 0

When I found I like to be a dj. I used to watch dmc (Disco Mix Club) videos of the tournaments. But i never saw […]