Controlling Mac with android

Sometimes I need to control my laptop from bed. More when is time to sleep I leave playing something to make noise but sometimes it’s too loud and I have to lower the volume and it’s not nice to stand up at bed time lol. Searching on internet I found Mac.remote .

What this app do is control your osx from your phone or tablet with Android, play next movie, song, make it louder or lower or just sleep the computer. It happens to me I have to lower the volume and I’m lazy but someone has to do it right? Well here is this app. It help you with this problem. Plus can configure extra apps. Like me I can control vlc, iTunes, even Spotify lol. I hope this app help you a lot like it did to me. Now next step is to find an app that control the computer like a virtual keyboard and mouse from my Mobil device. But by the moment this app do what it say it does.

I hope this app works for you like it works for me.


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