El vendedor de Sueños Futuros by milorad pavic – OMG I Got it after 5 years.

Pieza unica - Milorad Pavic (El vendedor de sueños futuros)
Pieza unica - Milorad Pavic (El vendedor de sueños futuros)

Yes after 5 years searching for this book I got it this weekend Unique Item in spanish Pieza única aka el vendedor de sueños futuros by Milorad Pavic. Like a sign I was searching on bookstores and then I found it the book with the blue book that suppose to complete the main book. Well by the moment I stopped reading The descent until I’m done with this one. “Yes I know people gonna ask, why I don’t finish one, before staring a new one?” Well the answer is, because after 5 years searching for this I feel I need to stop everything to read this one. It’s like a new drug you know, like I need to stop doing my other drugs and start with this one because is a new one.

But let me give you a little idea of this book, I’m in love with it.
1 – First thing about this one, don’t expect to understand on the first reading. You need to read at least 2 times to get the idea.

2 – Is a mix between cyber fiction, sci-fi, thriller and crime novel. It catch you since the first 10 pages. Be ready to leave everything until you’re done with this book.

3 – You need the blue book no mather what because if you don’t have it you will loose all the different endings of this book that suppose to be 100 endings. Don’t believe me but I’ll check if is true it has that amount of endings.

4 – Try to get use to not occidental names because almost all characters on this book are not common names, you need to get use to it or you will get confuse on the middle of your reading.

I’m not done yet with this book and I love it. I’ll do my review about it after I’m done with it.

Good readings.