how to use ssh on godaddy cpanel

How to use ssh on godaddy cpanel, after a couple of issues with customers who has their hosting with godaddy, where is hard to do fast edits by file manager editor or other web edit tools. I found how to use private keys to login into godaddy cpanel servers. Here is the “how to”.

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Download PuTTY and PuTTYgen from the next url.

steps to generate private key for godaddy cpanel

Open puttygen and select Generate

steps to generate private key for godaddy cpanel

Then we need to move the mouse over the Key box, and it will start showing a green bar, move the mouse until the key is done.

steps to generate private key for godaddy cpanel

Once we have our key generated add a key passphrase and confirm it, this will be your password to login by ssh to your server, then select save private key. And save it on a place you can remember. The archive must be with extension .ppk

steps to generate private key for godaddy cpanel

After this open the ppk key with a text editor, and go to your godaddy cpanel, and open ssh access if you have that option on your panel.


Then enable ssh on your server


After this you can see the option to manage ssh keys, there you can find all the keys you add to your server.


After this you can see there is an option to import keys. Select Import keys, it’s better than generate a new one.


After this add a name to identify your key, and copy the key from your text editor and paste it on the box, as you can see on the next example. After that select import at the bottom of the page.


After this we can see we have our public key and private key imported, now we need to authorize our public key to allow access by ssh to the server. Click on Manage.


And on this screen Authorize the key.


And then we can see the key is authorized


Now open Putty.exe and fill host name with your server ip or domain.


Now select Data and add the ftp user of your cpanel, if you have more than one ftp any user works.


Here add the ppk archive with the key.


Now go back to session and add a name on saved sessions and save. now you have a shortcut to your server that will use the private key to login through ssh.


Now select open and here it will ask for the password of our private key instead the ftp password to login by ssh.


I hope this help because it was a little hard to figure out how to make it work.