Nostalgia – Happy Boys & girls – Aqua

Today I heard the phrase “Barbie Girl” and then this song from “AQUA“came to my mind and a lot of things came back to my mind. Raves, parties, friends, laughs and the most important on that time “PLUR” (Peace, Love, Unity and Respect). I remember I used to play this song when I was a dj and ravers were cool with everything no problems, no fights, I didn’t hear complainings at all, even when parties where on the outsides and it was raining, we just enjoy each moment of the life on those days. Today people is more into what you have, and no who you are. Very sad but is true, now people think someone who has money they are cool and the best example to follow, even when they dont have any respect for other people, but the one who doesn’t have a cent of money but treat all people well with respect and giving them a big value as persons there is nothing for that person on this world. So sad right?. We are living on a very stupid era. Where everything is about money and material stuff and no about what really matters (people, nature, education, manners and the most important thing “LOVE”).

I hope PLUR get back to this world and open our eyes letting us know that our reason to live this world is to live our life in the best way. Learn, feel and enjoy LOVE. Enjoy this wonderful gift because it’s only once and we need to enjoy it the most possible, if we don’t enjoy will be like a child never play and have fun with a christmas gift.

Now I listen to it and a lot of things came back to my mind as raver.  I can say again, I lived a nice music generation where music had nice messages and of course it music united people with only one goal, dance, love and enjoy.

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