One password for all our servers.

Thats right, “one password for all our servers”. As a servers administrator I deal with lots of passwords to login and manage my customer servers. I think I’m not the only one who deal with this. Here I’ll show you how to add only one password without changing your current password on the server.

Since I became a servers administrator my passwords list became huge, and all the time my customers ask me to check something or when I’m checking backups, I’m wasting time searching for the password of each server. But little by little I added my public key on all the servers, that help me to use one password to login on all of them, and there is a way to remove the password and login direct without asking for one password.

How to do it? Here we go.

Step 1:
Generate your public key. (Run on console in linux/unix)
ssh-keygen -t rsa

Step 2:
Copy your public key to all your servers

open or the archive with extension pub that you create while was generating the public key under .ssh folder and copy the content on the public key box on ssh keys in cpanel.

Step 3:
Check correct permissions in .ssh folder and archives.

Step 4:
Login into your server with your user (its common any ftp users created on cpanel), and instead using your current password, use the one you used for your private key. And thats it. Follow since step 2 to add your public key to all your servers.

Thats it, we just need to add this key to all our servers and if there is some servers like on my case I have linux servers without cpanel. Just copy the content of the .pub archive and paste it on .ssh/authorized_keys and now if you try to login again it will ask you to use your public key password to login.



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